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  1. Long Island City faces Amazon dilemma: How to reap rewards amid changing landscape  Washington Post
  2. New York City's top tabloids have officially weighed in on Amazon's controversial HQ2 decision. Check out the covers.  Business Insider
  3. Amazon's NYC headquarters in 'opportunity zone' eligible for GOP tax breaks  PBS NewsHour
  4. Amazon Picks New York City, Northern Virginia for Its HQ2 Locations  Wall Street Journal (blog)
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  1. DOJ: Acting Attorney General Matthew Whitaker 'unquestionably' authorized to lead department  USA TODAY
  2. Justice Department says Trump has power to name Whitaker  Yahoo News
  3. Matthew Whitaker's shaky legal footing, explained  Washington Post
  4. Justice Dept. Defends Legality of Trump's Appointment of Acting Attorney General  New York Times
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  1. Did California Governor Jerry Brown Veto a Wildfire Management Bill, Increasing the Risk of Wildfires?
  2. For Trump, even disaster response is colored in red and blue  Washington Post
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  1. Winter Storm Avery Will Bring a Mess of Snow, Ice, Rain and Travel Headaches from the South to the Northeast  The Weather Channel
  2. Winter's back for an encore: 6 inches or more of snow predicted in parts of St. Louis area
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  1. A Left-Flank Protest on Day 1 Signals a Democratic House Divided  New York Times
  2. Anti-Pelosi Democrats issue warning: She won't have the votes  CNN
  3. Pelosi Says She's Confident She'll Be Chosen as Speaker of House  Bloomberg
  4. The House Democratic majority risks the same dysfunction as the Republicans. But do Americans care?  Washington Post
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  1. George Conway, conservative lawyers form group to speak out against Trump  CNN
  2. George Conway forms group to encourage conservative lawyers to 'speak out' against Trump  The Hill (blog)
  3. Conservative Lawyers Say Trump Has Undermined the Rule of Law  New York Times
  4. Top lawyers in the Federalist Society are trying to rally fellow conservatives to speak out against Trump  CNBC
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  1. Trump Expected to Endorse Deal to Change Nation's Sentencing Laws  New York Times
  2. Criminal justice reform faces a make-or-break moment  The Hill
  3. Trump receptive to compromise measure on criminal justice reform backed by Kushner  Washington Post
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  1. Officer Gave Security Guard 'Multiple Verbal Commands' To Drop Gun, Police Now Say  NPR
  2. State Police: Witnesses say security guard wouldn't drop gun  ABC News
  3. Chicago-area police chief says he's distraught after his cop killed a 'brave' security guard  CNN
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  1. Federal prosecutors reviewing altered election documents tied to Florida Democrats  Politico
  2. Jeb Bush on Twitter: "There is no question that Broward County Supervisor of Elections Brenda Snipes failed to comply ...  Twitter
  3. Broward judge rules in favor of elections officials in botched ballot case  Miami Herald
  4. The Hottest Spot in Florida? The Seat of the Broward County Elections Chief  New York Times
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  1. 'Friend' of synagogue shooter said massacre was a 'dry run'  New York Post
  2. DC Neo-Nazi Who Called Pittsburgh Murders A 'Dry Run' Arrested; Has Deep Ties To 'Alt Right'  HuffPost
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