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  1. Trump says 'certainly looks' as if Khashoggi is dead as pressure mounts on Saudi Arabia  Washington Post
  2. Trump Says He Believes Khashoggi Is Dead, Citing Intelligence Reports  New York Times
  3. Jamal Khashoggi case: Liam Fox pulls out of Saudi summit  BBC News
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  1. Kelly, Bolton get in profanity-laced shouting match: reports  The Hill
  2. John Kelly and John Bolton Got Into a Profanity-Laced Argument at the White House Over Immigration  TIME
  3. Another migrant caravan is heading to the US. Trump has already taken note  CNN
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  1. Trump Intervened In FBI HQ Project To Protect His Hotel, Democrats Allege  NPR
  2. Trump Closely Involved In Killing FBI's Move Out Of Washington, Emails Show  HuffPost
  3. Trump more involved in blocking FBI HQ sale than initially thought: Dems  The Hill
  4. Scoop: Trump's obsession with the "terrible" FBI building  Axios
  5. Trump more involved in stopping FBI HQ move than previously known, emails show  CNN
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  1. Sheriff asks for 100 volunteers in search for missng Wisconsin teenager Jayme Closs  CNN
  2. Dozens of volunteers help in foot search for missing Wisconsin 13-year-old  Minneapolis Star Tribune
  3. Search for Jayme Closs enters 4th day as Wisconsin police prepare to comb area near girl's home  Fox News
  4. Press Release October 15, 2018 On... - Barron County Sheriff's Department | Facebook  Facebook
  5. Search intensifies for missing teen, days after parents found shot to death in Wisconsin home  Washington Post
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  1. Justice Dept asks Supreme Court to put climate change lawsuit on hold  CNN
  2. Justice Department asks Supreme Court to toss kids' climate change lawsuit
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  1. NOAA winter outlook: El Niño may mean stormy conditions in the South and Eastern US  Washington Post
  2. It could be a warm winter, but that doesn't mean it won't snow  The Boston Globe
  3. Winter 2018-19 Could Be Mild in Western and Northern US and Wet in the South and East, NOAA Says  The Weather Channel
  4. On Philadelphia's chilliest day in seven months, feds release winter outlook
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  1. Justice Department investigates abuse by Catholic clergy in Pennsylvania  Washington Post
  2. Feds subpoena Pennsylvania dioceses in Catholic clergy sex abuse investigation  CBS News
  3. Justice Department Investigates Pennsylvania Dioceses Accused of Sex Abuse Cover-Up  New York Times
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  1. Ex-Minneapolis FBI Agent Is Sentenced to 4 Years in Leak Case  New York Times
  2. Ex-FBI agent gets 4 years in prison for leaking sensitive documents to press  Minneapolis Star Tribune
  3. Former FBI agent sentenced to 4 years in jail for leaking to reporter  The Hill
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  1. Putin says Islamic State has seized 700 hostages in Syria  Reuters
  2. ISIS RETURNS: Sick terrorists take 700 hostage - Putin issues warning
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  1. Everything You Know About the Fate of Lottery Winners Is Probably Wrong, According to Science  TIME
  2. 'Somebody's gotta win, so you never know': How Bostonians are prepping for a $970m jackpot  The Boston Globe
  3. Lottery fever is peaking in NC ahead of weekend Mega Millions and Powerball drawings  News & Observer
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