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  1. NOAA winter outlook: El Niño may mean stormy conditions in the South and Eastern US  Washington Post
  2. It could be a warm winter, but that doesn't mean it won't snow  The Boston Globe
  3. Will This Winter Be Mild or Wild? Here's What We Can Expect  Live Science
  4. On Philadelphia's chilliest day in seven months, feds release winter outlook
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  1. Everything You Know About the Fate of Lottery Winners Is Probably Wrong, According to Science  TIME
  2. 'Somebody's gotta win, so you never know': How Bostonians are prepping for a $970m jackpot  The Boston Globe
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  1. Justice Department investigates abuse by Catholic clergy in Pennsylvania  Washington Post
  2. US 'opens Catholic church sex abuse probe' in Pennsylvania  BBC News
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  1. US commander in Afghanistan survives deadly attack at governor's compound that kills top Afghan police general  Washington Post
  2. Top Afghan Leaders Killed in Attack That Misses US Commander  New York Times
  3. Key Afghan Police Chief Dies in Kandahar Shooting; Top US General Escapes Uninjured  NPR
  4. Will Afghanistan Prosecute Kandahar's Torturer-in-Chief?  Human Rights Watch
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  1. Facebook built an election 'war room' to try to avoid repeating the mistakes of 2016 — here's what it's like inside  Business Insider
  2. Inside Facebook's 'war room,' where the company is fighting to stop election manipulation ahead of the midterms  CNBC
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  1. US Closing Jerusalem Consulate That Oversees Ties With Palestinians  New York Times
  2. US to merge diplomatic mission serving Palestinians with embassy in Israel  Washington Post
  3. US Closes Jerusalem Consulate Serving Palestinians  Wall Street Journal
  4. Israel's capital in Jerusalem can be Palestinians' great hope  The Australian
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  1. E-mails show how donors are considered in Harvard admissions  The Boston Globe
  2. Elitist or Egalitarian: Competing Views of Harvard Emerge in Bias Trial  New York Times
  3. The Harvard Trial Doesn't Matter  The Atlantic
  4. Peter Wood - National Association of Scholars  National Association of Scholars
  5. Harvard Admissions Trial Opens With Arguments Focused on Diversity  The Chronicle of Higher Education
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  1. Mookie Betts Has an MVP Award Within His Grasp. No One Can Interfere.  New York Times
  2. Red Sox vs. Astros ALCS Game 5 starting lineups: Moreland returns for Boston, Astros make several changes
  3. Astros know who to blame if they don't reach World Series  USA TODAY
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  1. 'Nebraska: It's not for everyone,' Cornhusker State declares in new tourism campaign  USA TODAY
  2. 'Honestly, it's not for everyone,' says Nebraska's self-deprecating new tourism campaign  Washington Post
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  1. Brat to inmates: 'You think you're having a hard time — I've got $5 million in negative ads.'  Washington Post
  2. Brat Hears From Addicts at Chesterfield County Jail  Community Idea Stations
  3. Democrats follow Virginia's playbook of nominating women in competitive races. Will it work?  Dallas News
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